graduation 2017

The International Cotton Institute

Located on the main campus of The University of Memphis, the ACSA International Cotton Institute is a residential program designed to provide a basic education in all aspects of the cotton industry and the international business environment. The program offers an in-depth look at cotton from virtually every perspective.

Dramatic changes in cotton's production, processing, classification, transportation, and manufacturing technologies; and the continuing evolution of new trade patterns brought about by the expansion of free trade in cotton in South and Central America, Eastern Europe, and Central and Southeast Asia require expanded educational programs for those involved in all facets of the cotton industry in both the producing and consuming nations of the world.

The 2023 International Cotton Institute will be held on the University of Memphis campus at the FedEx Institute of Technology.  Accommodations will be included for residential participants at Centennial Place. This residence hall offers apartment style living including full kitchen, living space and private bedroom.